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Minichah Prayer

Father…there’s no escaping the knowledge of evil in the world around us… of being made aware of it vicariously through the media and word of mouth, of feeling the effects of it or the threat of it in our own lives.

And this is a reality and we live in it. There is no escape.

At the same time that we experience these things, those of us who open up the Word and You Spirit within us makes us aware of Your absolute goodness… we realize that, that goodness is reality as well… a reality that exists in this world and we can experience…

Your goodness, revealed in Your Word and in the lives of people who put their faith in It and live by It, is powerful. It encourages. It renews our spirits. It calms and It strengthens. It enables us to not be overcome.

The prayer is Father…

We are so grateful and thankful that Your Good is a reality in this life and available to us.

And we pray Father…that the knowledge and witness of Your Good would always be our focus, the place we go to… for certain assurance and confidence and peace in our spirits… when the difficulties and troublesome and scary things of life happen.

For Your Goodness Father, is all powerful and life giving and life renewing.

Please Father… continue in Your great faithfulness towards us in It.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…



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