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Minchah Prayer

Blessed… are You Father. How weak are words… inadequate, when we approach You in prayer… desiring to express… give words to… something within us… maybe an understanding of Your goodness… Your absolute worthiness. We want to acknowledge it but haven’t the words that rise to the level of what we are sensing in our hearts. How humbling Father. How frustrating. Could it be we misunderstand… misunderstand what You deem as valuable? Could it be that the words and how they are arranged and spoken are weak if our actions are contrary to them, if the truth of our words is not a reflection of our actions… of who You would have us be.


We trust and follow Your ways… and yes, we don’t do so perfectly… so value for value we cannot match with our actions and words what You do with Your actions and words. Yet You continue to demonstrate we have value to You. Your Grace endures… forever.


I cannot help but accept that my offerings to You will be so very small in comparison to what You offer me. But there is comfort in the knowledge that it is impossible for it to be otherwise. Following after You, living as You would have me live is not something I should do only if I could be perfect.


I’m thinking Father, that engaging in the battle, enduring with faithfulness, always praising and glorifying You is what gives value to those words… we speak to You.


It is a small thing to offer up to You, words of prayer. In our prayers, we call on You and we sing to You, we cry and laugh. May we not drift away… fall away… from seeking to come into Your presence in prayer… our time with You being more important than the immediacy of any moment…


May our words be simple, honest, without excuse-making, humble. May they be worshipful and praising and express gratitude. May they have the guidance of Your Holy Spirit. May we never deny You of what You desire and are due… and of what we so desperately need... oneness with You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray.




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