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Minchah Prayer

Father, the daily, worldly things are a strong calling. We visualize and hear in our minds all the things that need to be attended to. The expectations of others lend an urgency to our getting to those things.


A day or two or more may pass and we realized we have reprioritized. We may offer up a prayer but it is hurried. The thoughts of other things are in the back of our minds even as we pray. We are listening to other voices in the background instead of putting them aside. We are allowing time and thought, our words to You, and the silence of listening for Your voice, to be interfered with. Our interaction, our attentiveness, our intimacy is not wholehearted. How offensive You must find that.


There is an order. Before “…giving to Caesar what is Caesar’s”, first and with undivided attention, give to You what is Yours.


May our first and most important, to us, action of the day… be to begin with spending time with You and that no matter the subject of conversation, or amount of time needed to do it right, we will engage with You… deaf to all those things calling on us… which we cannot do in the spirit You would have us do anyway, if we don’t first spend time with You.


May we grow to be patient, considerate, attentive, and devoted to pleasing You.

May we gain for ourselves, at our core, in our moments with You… a sense of safety and, guidance Father, courage, right-mindedness… and a never-ending afterglow of peace and joy.


May You be glorified and all be drawn to You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray,




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