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Shabbat Service

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From Tom Bradford

Join Us!

10:30AM Shabbat Service

Weekly Parashah Reading

+ Oneg Fellowship Meal

Every Saturday we gather together to worship, read the Torah portion, and have lunch together. Following Tom's teaching, all are welcome to join our meal. Drinks are provided.

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Exodus Parashah

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Genesis Parashah

Stick around for Torah Class

1:00 PM on Saturdays

Torah Class meets at The Seed after our Shabbat Service and Oneg Fellowship meal.

The teachings are recorded and posted to where you can find an extensive library of lessons throughout the Old and New Testaments, as well as valuable Topical instructions and study resources.

Próximamente: Traducción simultánea a español durante el Servicio de Shabbat y las Clases de la Torá.
¡Tenemos un canal de YouTube en español! Encuéntranos en: “Clases de la Torá"
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