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Minchah Prayer

Updated: Mar 20

Before training our minds and bodies on the day ahead Father, before, in the sense of taking that first step out to focus on what needs to be dealt with, we would pause… to address You… address You truly… with intimacy… in a spirit of heartfelt thanksgiving.


Maybe not necessarily with words, or maybe with… to say thank You… even if there is no specific thing we are thinking about, but just a thank You that we are. You have brought us to this moment alive and there is a day ahead… not that we even know if we will live to see the end of this day, but here we are… and so with or without words we stand a moment, bow a moment and there is within us a wonderful spirit of thanks and we embrace the sense of hope and well-being it brings to us. Thank You Father that You are and… there is no need to… but if we go it alone… well… that is our choice… not Yours.


Be near Father, and with us as we go.


May our thanksgiving and hope and trust remain. May they be the secret ingredients mixed into the events of our days that season the good, the bad, the easy and the difficult, the heartbreaking and the heart-swelling… may the mixture produce good in the end…


May it gain for us Your favor and the favor of our fellow man… and most of all Father… may it be glory to You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray,




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