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Minchah Prayer - One Big Prayer?

Who is safe from the attacks of the enemy Father? When will the last prayer for healing, for strength and wisdom, for protection and deliverance be needed? We rise from presenting to You our requests on behalf of those around us and on behalf of ourselves as well,but the flow never stops. The issues continue. One is addressed. Another presents itself. Isn’t there one big prayer Father, that we could say one time, once and for all, that would go out from us and encompass every frustration, every pain, every sickness, every point of fatigue, of confusion, of not knowing what to do next, how to deal and make better, of every loneliness, one big prayer Father, that would encompass, encircle, collect, gather up, compact to nothingness, vaporized from existence all these that burden and beat down Your created ones? It seems like, Father, we pray before You, to You, every day offering over and over the same words, which never seem to rid us of their need. Are there not words Father that we could speak that would bring an end to those things we are in prayer to seek rescue from? Forgive us Father. The work is not complete. There is a trip from paradise lost to paradise restored that we must make. And we are going to encounter and suffer the hardships of this pilgrimage, the ambushes of the Marauder, in our times of weakness and vulnerability, as He works to thwart Your purposes for us, undermine our trust in You. We pray to satisfy from our perspective the need at hand and if You choose to do that then praise be to You. But if the time frame we set, the outcome we see as answered prayer doesn’t happen Father, may we have such trust in You and such love for You that we will accept that, be patient, and praise You anyway. May we instead, not be lastingly discouraged but be driven to continue even more persistently to pray to You for one another. May we look up from our bowed heads, open our eyes and see multitudes of praying brothers and sisters around us, all of us in unity before You. May we see then, the trials have driven us to prayer and our prayers have brought us into unity with one another, that You have formed in us hearts that care and love. And may we do so completely surrendered and trusting in You. We thank You and we praise you and we cling to You. May our prayers touch Your heart and release on us, from You, comfort and assurance. May You be glorified Abba Father. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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