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At Seed of Abraham Fellowship, we seek to connect and grow with one another while we serve our community.




Challah Breads

Shabbat Service

10:30 AM

Every Shabbat (Sabbath/Saturday) we gather together to go through the week's Parashah (Scripture portion). Following the teaching we will sit down for a Fellowship Meal (Oneg).

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Torah Class

1:00 PM

Torah Class is a Hebrew Heritage, multi-disciplinary approach to Scripture that includes the original languages, history, and study of the ancient cultures. It's a literal word-by-word interpretation of Scripture like you haven't seen before!

Prayer Group

Wednesday Evenings

6:30 PM

Join us Wednesday evenings for worship and Bible Study.

Gospel Music

Thursday Service

6:30 PM

Thursday nights are our praise and prayer service.


Próximamente: Traducción simultánea a español durante el Servicio de Shabbat y las Clases de la Torá.
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¡Tenemos un canal de YouTube en español! Encuéntranos en: “Clases de la Torá"

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Get to Know Us

We are many believers who are journeying our faith walk together.  While we are at different junctions in that faith walk we are "one" Torah family having a heart following hard after YHWH.

At Seed of Abraham Fellowship we seek to rediscover a Believer’s faith-walk more consistent with what Christ and the Apostles advocated and lived. That means to set aside man-made tradition, however familiar and comfortable it might be, and instead to re-embrace the commandments of God as well as to observe His biblically ordained holy days and appointed times. We are a new 21st century church that reflects the ancient ways, ideals, spirit and first love that was the hallmark of the 1st century church: the ways and ideals of Our Messiah.

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Meet Our Ministers

Lester Smith

Lead Pastor

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Tom Bradford

Teacher and Founder



What We Believe

1. We believe that God is One, there is no other, and that He created the world.


2. We trust in and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and His Son Jesus Christ (Yeshua is His Hebrew Name).


3. We affirm that Salvation comes only from trust in Christ, and it is a free gift from God.


4. We are a community of Believers that come together to worship God and to help one another through life’s journey.


5. We acknowledge the infallibility and continuing truth and relevance of the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments.


6. We uphold that the two most foundational Commandments from God are to love Him with our entire being, and to love our fellow man as ourselves.


7. We stand with and actively support Israel as God’s chosen people and Land.


8. We observe the Biblically mandated 7th day Sabbath, as well as all the Biblical Feasts and appointed times.


9. We learn God’s ways by studying and believing His Word from Genesis to Revelation.


10. We believe in teaching our children God’s Word in ways they can understand, from the earliest possible age.



We Want To Hear From You

6355 N Courtenay Pkwy, Merritt Island, FL


Tel: 321-454-9322

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