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Minchah Prayer - New Year

The new day and new year… in them, may we pursue glorifying You Father. May we not forget the lessons taught and lessons learned that are behind us. May yesterdays not be a place to dwell but a remembrance, of cheer and of soberness, a reference for the future. May the goal of all our thoughts and plans and actions be to seek Your will first and also to be a reflection of You as we carry them out. We are thankful for our spouses and children, friends and loved ones, for the many and varied folks that cross our paths and the blessing of them. May we indeed see them as blessing. And if we fall short in appreciating these that are blessing Father, awaken us to that short coming. Renew our hearts and minds and the focus of our thoughts and enable us by Your Power to be to them, in a way that assures and makes them know for sure, they are loved and valued, cherished and respected, of import to us always. Grant us insight Father, into our and other’s circumstances, that goes beyond what is happening… to why, and provide us with Your wisdom and an absolute trust in it, for dealing with them. And if “why” is not clear may our responses to the moment be in a spirit of graciousness and patience, with an attitude of “I am listening”. May this character and way of being start in our own hearts and extend out to all the world around us. We pray a prayer that acknowledges Your grandness and an understanding of ourselves that humbles and bows us down before You, an act of homage. And we pray a prayer of praise and thanksgiving joyfully standing before You with upward outstretched hands. Thank You Father…so much. We give You thanks Father, for You are good, and Your grace continues forever. How great Thou art. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.


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