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Minchah Prayer

Father, You are love.

You created us to be able to love… beyond ourselves.

How does that happen Abba?

Maybe at conception the seed for it is planted… that germinates and begins growing as love is extended towards us.

Maybe we are watered by the love of our parents, close by, physically.

Maybe we are watered by Your love, seemingly from afar, spiritually.

Maybe at some point we discover that reciprocating is just as rewarding as receiving… maybe more rewarding.

We are flawed Father.

Sometimes actual love is absent in our words and actions.

Sometimes the love that is the spirit of our words and deeds is misinterpreted.

Father… mindful of our ineptitude, both ways, we pray to You that You might nurture in each one of us individually, not what we think, or the world teaches, but Your love and goodness, that Your spirit of goodness and love would be the character, the stuff of our attempts at loving and doing.


May that seed of love within us grow and bear good fruit…

May the words and actions we extend in response to and towards others… no matter the form they may take… may at the heart of them be love and a sincere concern and heart of care…


May our words and acts, our behavior… regardless of the sound or look of them… be received in the Spirit, they were meant… no matter how hard or easy they are to experience.


If true love does indeed take away all fear Father, grow in us and purify it… Your love that we might indeed become like You… that we might, without fail, continually extend that love towards one another… hear and receive without anger or pridefulness… and reciprocate…not deterred by fear.


You are so Good… Father God.



May our hearts have a fullness of… out of which overflows… Your goodness and love... at the core of all our words and actions…

Towards You and towards one another…


We are humble before You, recognize our own inabilities and trust in You to be our strength. For we can do nothing good apart from You.


In Yeshua’s name…

we do humbly, gratefully, with thanksgiving and gladness pray…




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