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Minchah Prayer 06-08-22

Father… we bless You and praise You and worship You and thank You.

You are worthy of it all and flawed as we are we can still offer these up to You and we should.

Yesterday with all we did and didn’t do is behind.

Today is fresh and new, before us by Your graciousness.

May we not bring forward and taint the start of this new day with complaint about what lays behind but instead be thankful for another new opportunity to get up,

get out and about.

Blessings await… You indeed do and will work all to good.

We know that and in that knowledge our spirits are lifted, let the day begin.

Oh… we give thanks to You, God of heaven…

Who protects and preserves our peace and joy…

Who is with us and does not forsake us…

We give thanks to You, God of heaven…

For indeed Your mercy…

fresh and new every morning…

does endure…


In Yeshua’s name we pray.


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