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2nd Day Prayer - Gift of Life

It’s not that it’s just a beautiful new day Father, it’s that it is another one, yet one more precious day You give us to wake up to and live, a gift that is continuously in our possession with each moment that passes.

It is a gift not to be set aside for a right time or another time. It is for right now.

And the time given, is spent and completely gone with the passing of each second. There is no holding onto or replaying.

Father, may we spend the free gift of moments, days and years on thoughts and words and actions that have value commensurate with the value of that time for living You give us.

May we Father, not be grumblers and malcontents, may we not be fault finders and accusers.

In times of testing Father, may we slip naturally into a conversation with You, pause to speak to You wherever we are at, trusting and knowing that all our deliverance will be found in You and You alone.

In times of blessing Father, may we slip naturally into spoken thanksgiving and praise, our lips to Your ears.

May we continually speak to You Father… in trust and love… throughout each day You grant us, so that the time spent is time well spent in Your eyes.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,



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