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2nd Day Prayer

Father, we are humbled, humbled that it seems like our only conversation with You seems, at times, to be when we are in need.

We become so caught up in the disruption that issues in our lives cause, it becomes the only thing… or at least the first thing, out of our mouths when we approach You.

But who else is there to go to? We may strive in our own power, we may counsel or be counseled by one another, but if You are not in it, what assurance is there, what comfort?

And the help, the need we lay before You may not be for ourselves only but a burden in someone else’s life that we have a heartfelt desire that it be lifted.

Pray for one another is Your command.

In doing so are we not becoming more like You, heartfelt love for others growing in us and being demonstrated towards one another?

Only by Your enabling power are we able to place ourselves in the shoes of others, imagine their trials and we have compassion for them that turns us to You, who alone can do all things, point to them and say “Father, Father please… take away the sickness of body, of heart… and mind.

Deliver them from whatever bondage they suffer under and grant wisdom to avoid those decisions that put them there.

Father… deliver those who are victims of circumstances beyond their control.

Father please… in their circumstances may Your Spirit touch them and may their spirits be calmed and may they receive a sense of well-being even when all is not well.”

And You in Your perfect understanding for what is most good for us all and can make it possible for us all… You will do what is best.

How can we not be before You in a constant state of need?

But before we make requests Father, may we remember Who it is we pray to.

May we be humble.

May we give You praise and thanksgiving…

and speak to You of how we love You so.

May we begin with just a moment of quiet, glad to… just be with You.

May You be glorified, Father, we pray…

In Yeshua’s name.



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