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2nd Day - Oh Thank You Father

So glad Father, so glad You are there on waking. Sometimes for just a moment we wake and aren’t sure where we are, what day it is, is everything alright. Then we take hold of the thought of You, we talk to You and we are settled. We reach out and You are there. Oh thank You Father.

We thank You for the light that starts a new waking day and for the Light that is with us continually. We pray that You will guide us so that we make use of our remaining days or years, any minutes or seconds of what You grant us yet to live, so that we can successfully do what You have planned for us to do and do so with a heart to please You and be a blessing to one another.

We thank You for the heart and the words to rebuke and send away the evil one, however he manifests himself to us and the power in those words, “Get thee behind me Satan”, in the word,” No!” that enables us to really overcome… each and every time he tempts.

We pray and speak against anything in our words or actions that would dim or steal Your glory, words or actions that would we would use to “mispurpose”  or misuse gifts You have given us, or adulterate the intimate relationships of marriage and family and friendship that You created and gifted us with.

Grow us Father, in likeness of You, in love for You and in strength and steadfastness of trust so that we repent as we go, so that we trust in Your forgiveness, claim the authority You give us for Your purposes and lift up those around us to You for Your compassion and mercy and healing and presence in their lives as well as in our own. May it be a joy as well as something we take seriously, the responsibility and the privilege, the high and loving calling to advocate for one another before You.

Heal Father, we pray, the sicknesses of the body and of the heart, calm the “anxiousness-es” and fears of circumstances we are in and in those we see as possibilities.

When things hurt Father, give us the strength to bear it and still be able to joyfully praise You and thank You, nonsensical as it may seem.

When things appear uncertain, may we feel Your presence, trust in You and confront them with a spirit of challenge and confidence and not one of fear.

When we cannot see victory with our physical eyes, or understand what victory really looks like Father, may we accept and trust in where You have us and be assured in knowing You never abandon or forsake those who trust in You.

Thank You Father for this new day, for one another, for Yeshua, forYour love and mercy and rescue through Him.

Father… how wonderful You are.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.

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