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2nd Day - Labor Of Love

All of creation is Your garden Father, and in it You give us a place and a time to work. Our prayers to You are seeds we plant to produce a harvest Lord; within each prayer the hope and heartfelt desire for fruit Father. We bend down and kneel upon the ground. We clear away everything leaving only the earth there before us. We pray into the soil of Your hearing and heart the seeds for healing. We long to see the fruit of restored health Father, to bodies infirmed, the fruit of healing  that yields love growing into relationships we have with our wives and husbands, our sons and daughters, our friends, our co-workers, our fellow living beings who are in Your fields, some working, some wandering. We plant prayers for the fruit of a clear conscious and a peaceful mind Father…in us and in others… that there may be harmony and happiness in those lives. We plant the prayers for the fruit of wisdom and caring… to share and feed upon with others. We water the prayer planted soil with prayers of tears to be seen and felt by You… to moisten compassion in You for us and each one we pray for… pray for Father…with truly heartfelt desire that these seeds of prayer will grow into perfect, beautiful, delicious, abundant fruit in this garden of Yours… into the lives of Your created ones… blessing them… turning their eyes towards You and bringing words of thanksgiving from the heart to the lips to Your ears…Father. We plant with prayers of praise and worship for a plentiful harvest of the fruit of praise and worship to offer up to You. We tend this field of prayers and plant into it daily, turning the soil, clearing away weeds that would choke, driving away birds and critters that would rob, diligently and zealously protecting it till the day of its harvest. Father…hear our prayers...see us labor…shine Your Light out across these fields and may that Light give life and fruition to these seeds of prayer. Thank You Father…for the heart that draws us to do this work in Your fields, for Your enabling power without which all our labors would be fruitless. Thank You, Father that our prayer is a labor…a labor of love…for You Abba…and for one another. In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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