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2nd Day

“What gift of grace is Jesus my redeemer.

There is no more for heaven now to give…”


What beautiful words of truth Father for anyone to contemplate…

that You gave all that heaven had to give to redeem us


So much said in just a few words Father.

We are in need of redemption.

The price is impossible for us to pay.

You are under no obligation to forgive the debt.

Yet, You have, out of graciousness, taken responsibility for the payment…

Grace and payment gifted us in the person of Yeshua…

greater in value, more than sufficient.

What more, beyond that, would there be for heaven to give?


What beautiful words of truth, Father, on hearing inspire a wave of

glad well being and gratitude.


Thank You Father for Your gift of grace to us… Yeshua.


In His name we pray…




“Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me”

Words by Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson & Michael Farren

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