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When We Gather


Father, we gather together. We assemble ourselves with one another in Your presence.

The purpose of our doing so is to bring, to offer You our worship, our praise, to open Your Word and be instructed by Your Spirit, to feel Your presence.

You have promised that where two or more of us would gather in Your name, there You would be.

When we gather together Father, it is to demonstrate obedience and a love for You that is with all our heart, all our being and all our resources, physical and spiritual.

And we do so in loving fellowship with one another.

What a high and meaningful thing we do when we do so.

Thank You Dear Father.

Help us Father, to be mindful, to watch out for ourselves, to remember that You and You alone are the first and foremost reason for our coming together, to be careful that our focus on You not be distracted.

And may we be on guard that we do not distract the focus and experience others are engaged in with You as they worship and praise and pray and are being fed from Your Word.

May we not fall into the deception that we come to receive. May we come to offer and to give of ourselves to You.

It is to glorify You that we come.

It is to give to You that we come.

The miracle of humility and obedience  and submission, of praise and worship and prayer, of reverence and respect, of taking eyes off self and placing them on You is that we experience Your comfort and peace and joy and strengthening, assurance and hope, blessing to blessing, in return.

That is the kind of God, of Father You are. We should be so grateful Father.

We are.

We love You  Mighty Jehovah, Abba Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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