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We Are Accountable

2nd Day Prayer

Father, we stand before You. Each and every day it is before You who we stand and to You we are accountable.

It is You who we must please.

It is You whose opinions and perspectives of us we should be concerned about.

It is being friends with You that we want.

It’s not really so hard Father. Forgive us for making it so.

You made us after all. In Your image You made us. Everything is in place for us to grow up and be just like You.

You created us and you have given us to each other and through us, striving to be like You, we also strive to value and love one another just as you do, because… You do.

Plant in us that nature that can love.

May we never neglect the actions of good towards one another, which is a way we demonstrate love, just because feelings may not be there.

We trust Your Instructions are right and good and do them because they are, and we want to please You, and we want to bless.

Be with us today Father. Guide us and protect us from harm. Heal us Father of our sicknesses and wounds…of body and heart. May Your Spirit be with us and comfort and lift up and make things clear. Thank You Father for Your peace and the clear conscience we have by being in union with You, dear Abba, and with each other. Thank You Father.

 In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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