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Troubled waters....

One of the things that seems to be built into people, generally speaking, is that one can be comforted by the troubles of another, something, as all things are, that originates from God and the way He created things to be, at least it seems that way to me.

Kind of brings to mind the scripture “But we preached Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumbling block and Gentiles foolishness. But unto them who are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.” 1 Corinthians 1:23-24 AKJV

The part that comes to mind is the part about a “stumbling block and foolishness”.

In one’s personal life issues come up that occupy our minds and emotions: a problem one of our kids is having in school, issues with work, decisions concerning finances.

Most of the time we deal with them and everything works out but sometimes a particular issue may be a difficult one to figure out and suddenly we find ourselves in a place where no option we have to choose from is satisfactory and we find ourselves going over and over in our minds the problem, the options, and not being able to bring ourselves to a decision. Three o’clock in the morning the eyes pop open and the wrestling match continues. And we find ourselves becoming frustrated, anxious, unsettled? fearful? on some level or other.

Our peace and our joy…well it seems to have left us, at least for a time.

That’s not supposed to happen if I’m in right relationship with the Father, right? But sad to say it does…and…well…I have some things to learn, some growing to do.

But God is Good! He will draw our attention away from ourselves to someone else who is also having their problems.

In my case, it is the prayer list. He brings to mind what others are going through and I am suddenly reminded that problems exist in everyone’s life, some greater than mine, some smaller, and for some reason, foolish and illogical as it may seem, I have this immense relief. The troubling of my own spirit is calmed and I get the sense that all things will work themselves out on my end… and… I join with that name, those people on the list, consider their circumstances and focus with them on their issues, in prayer, and who knows, maybe in some other way as well.

We do experience good in this life but as Moses said “…yet at best it (life) is toil and sorrow, over in a moment, and then we are gone…” Psalm 90:10 CJB.

But Yahweh is our comfort and our assured and faithful hope.

When we read of a son who has cancer or a daughter with a mass on the brain or a friend whose health is a concern, a family that is dysfunctional, a marriage that is in danger, a community in decline, a nation, schools, churches with vanishing moral compass we can join with those who are on their knees petitioning God and petitioning brothers and sisters in the faith to join with them and cry out with them to Him who is greater than circumstances, who can do anything.

It is cathartic, calming. It clears the mind and one can get about the work of the day in peace.

Foolishness, illogical, a stumbling block, problems apart from our own, bringing peace of mind and spirit.

Thank You, Father, that in union with You, the new person that You begot, in the midst of our own issues we can find relief for ourselves by sharing another’s burdens, by laughing with those who laugh, crying with those who cry, being sensitive to the plights of others.

Thank You for the wonderful foolishness of Your Good Ways.

May we grow stronger in them with each passing moment…we pray…

In Yeshua’s name,


May God’s love be in us all.



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