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TIAS 12-24-21

The other day my wife was telling me about a youngster she had heard about, who had an amazing ability to deal with numbers.

While other kids interacted and played together this boy kept to himself. While all this activity was going on around him he was off gazing at and processing the world around him differently. He visualized things in his mind differently and in an instantaneous way could do calculations mentally and give them verbally without aid from computer or calculator or such.

Pi for most of us is 3.14 or for some 3.1417 but when asked to carry out this number as far as possible he verbally, without aid, gave continuously, number after number for over five hours straight, till they finally stopped the recitation. And the numbers given were correct. That’s amazing!! How is it possible?

So this is something that occurs in some children who are autistic. There are some autistic children… people… savants… who can do in their heads, mathematical calculations that the “average” even very “smart” people cannot do without equipment. Others can create art, compose music, play musical instruments, remember things, precisely and forever what they have read or have been told, things extraordinary and beyond their years or beyond the skill level or ability of any of the rest of us… including those we admire as particularly gifted. It’s as if they are born completely downloaded with a single ability they are perfect at, waiting to be recognized and given a way or tool to exercise it.

For real? I don’t understand. I can’t attain to it. I marvel.

I live with something that gives me trouble; How to truly comprehend God’s fullness, to know His power and all His attributes to the degree that they are and He is, in my mind. And in my heart… be inspired to a consequent appreciation and thankfulness worthy of Him

There are times when He seems unreal to me because there is nothing I can compare Him to that makes any sense to my senses or knowledge. So there are times when I am not moved immediately to appreciation or awe or love or fear.

Father…show me.

“…Yes! I tell you no sign will be given to this generation…” Mark 8:12 CJB.

I know in my heart You are real, my Father.

I’m not asking Him, Yeshua…to prove He is real.

I’m asking, please, to be able to see You in a way that I am able to appreciate.

And so there are those special people with a special ability, so special that it seems as if every other human skill and behavior they might have been born with, is sacrificed for the making of this one ability that so far out distances anything a normal person can do… as to make it seem like one is witnessing perfection.

And You say…

“Have you observed my child who sings, paints, plays music, envisions the cosmos, remembers without flaw…See how close to perfection they are in what I have created them to do? Remember your thoughts… it’s a gift, given, born with…unattainable by effort?

They are My sign to you...

In the wonder of a single ability I have given them, I have given you that glimpse of Myself you wanted… a glimpse that can move you to appreciation and cause you to marvel.

It’s only a glimpse… among many if you will just open up your eyes and think about the world you live in… for now… for you.

I am so much more.”

Open our eyes Father we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…


May God’s love be in us all.


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