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TIAS 10-08-21

The greatest, once in a life time, deal available to anyone is the deal God offers; to have relationship with Him now and forever.

We haven’t the where with all to give in exchange for it, ever, and yet He offers it and delivers on it.

Now if you’re like me you relish the idea of getting something for nothing. And we know that there is no such thing as something for nothing but there are some things that come along that are something for next to nothing. And that’s a really good deal. But is there a hidden cost?

Brings to mind:

‘“Really bad stuff!’ says the buyer (to the seller);

then he goes off and brags (about his bargain).” Proverbs 20:16 CJB

Now granted the seller may be pricing to get as much as possible beyond fair value and the buyer knows this but also would like to pay even less than what is fair. In this case negotiations are reasonable and maybe an “agreeable to both” deal can be arrived at. And that’s the way it should be.

But what it may be revealing to us is something not so good. Maybe we have a buyer who wants something he can’t afford and negotiates dishonestly, is unwilling to accept that he can’t have what he see and find satisfaction in what he can have, or is unwilling to work or make additional sacrifice in order to be able to make the purchase.

When this becomes our mentality and the way we do things we run the risk of becoming a person who thinks our own needs and wants are greater than those of others to the point that any inconvenience, hardship or loss on their part can be viewed as not really that big a deal, if regarded at all.

It’s not right to think that way but it’s not right for those who have, like the seller, tried to take advantage either. That mentality could lead to them becoming hard hearted and cold towards those who really do have need.

Don’t reap the corners of your fields speaks to generosity and in abundance, to give, that none do without… for those that have… just as the scripture:

“…I have learned to be content regardless of circumstances…” Philippians 4:11 CJB

can speak to those who have not.

Asking and giving is situational, nuanced. We all fall into one category or the other in our lives whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual…if we are honest about it. And In God’s economy it is what we do, all of us, to greater or lesser degrees at some point in our lives… if we’re honest.

But when we are in the market, if we use the proverb as a context, of asking or giving, it should always be in the spirit of mutual fairness, generosity and gratitude, weighing fairly the factors, understanding that this is a never ending reality of life we have with us and are instructed to deal with.

Father…the world has… and we in it have… need… now as much as it ever has.

But isn’t it so, the need we think we have is not always the need we really have? Things that are desirable become, in our minds, things we need.

Grant us wisdom to know the difference and in our pursuit to satisfy either, grant us understanding and fair mindedness, a willingness to work and a willingness to be generous.

May we be honest with one another and not use our position to take advantage.

May we pattern ourselves after You who offered, offers the greatest once in a lifetime deal; to have relationship with You, now and forever…offered it to we…all of us who confess that need and don’t minimize it to get it but acknowledge and are grateful that You have generously and graciously and freely given it.

To the extent we are able Father, may we pattern our dealings with one another after Your dealings with us.

We confess our weakness and inadequacies Father and pray You would make us strong. We rely on You and we trust.

Blessed are You Abba Father.

Thank You for being our God.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.


May God’s love be in us all.


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