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TIAS 06-11-2021

Father, the Enemy is alive and well in the world today and works unceasingly to separate Your children from each other and from You.

He has deceived some into thinking his ways are somehow not contrary to Yours and cultivated in others a love for evil that has matured and knows no goodness. Their hearts are hardening.

Cultivate in us a love for Your ways and for each other.

As we fellowship with You and grow in closeness to You, guide us by Your Spirit and Your Word into and in fellowship with one another.

May we be established as a community dedicated to You and grow together into family, be a place and spirit of prayer and worship, of thanksgiving and praise, of trust and safety.

May we come together to share our time and conversation, to share in experiences together and… of… experiences apart, to share what was learned, to be refreshed and revitalized, able then to step back into the world and be a force for You in touching and changing others, able to step back into the world and be true and faithful.

Bring us into oneness with You Father and with one another.

And may our fellowship with You and with one another be a unity of oneness that will never be broken.

May that fellowship be a connection between us through which we can draw, in our times of trial, encouragement and strength…in our times of gladness and joy, the gladness and joy of one another… be we together or apart.

May we move as a body in obedience to and unity with the oversight and guidance of Your Spirit.

May Your will be done… and You be pleased.

May You be glorified as Your children dedicate themselves to fellowship with You and with one another.

May we do so while there is yet time…for…

“…the night cometh, when no man can work…”

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


May God’s love be in us all.


John 9:4 AKJV


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