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There Is A Scripture - Submit to God

“…Your donkey will be taken away from you by force as you watch…Your sons and daughters will be handed over to another people; you will watch for them longingly all day but  not see them; and there will be nothing you can do about it… a nation unknown to you will eat the fruit of your land and labor…”  Deuteronomy 28:31,32,33 CJB.

All these things, as we watch, and there is nothing we can do about it.

I don’t know about you but that’s the way I feel sometimes, that’s the way it seems to me we are going. The frightening thing is that it is happening from within. There are people among us, native sons and adopted ones, who somehow gain positions of  power and influence, and a following it would appear, who belittle, defame and  blacken the character and reputation of our country and give little regard to our God.

I feel like it’s the beginning of a force invading me with the potential to change and control everything I hold dear as I watch and against which I can do nothing. I believe no choice will be given. I believe it will happen just that way.

What to do?

Our system is a good one. But no system succeeds unless the character and attributes of Jehovah God are in the hearts of the citizenry. That’s the way laws and statutes and rulings are made and lived by that result in the common good.

It means we must aspire to a higher calling which means subjecting our will to His, redefining our own concept of good and happiness and success and justice and love if need be and bring it into agreement with His definitions and then being happy with that.

That’s the trick don’t you think… achieving peace and joy under God’s Way, by submitting to it, by sacrificing our desire to do things our way?

We have biblical history that shows what happens when men do things according to what is right in their own minds versus what happens when they live in obedience  to Yahweh. It is the contrast of curses and blessings in real life.

I have fears about what is coming and what people do now and will do to one another out of some high minded ideal at best, but also out of the real pure evil that is at the root of it all.

The hope for me and maybe you, isn’t that we won’t have to suffer trouble but that when we do, we do so fully clothed in the complete armor of God, fully engaged with the enemy. The hope is that I won’t, you won’t stand passively by, and allow the enemy to go unopposed.

If we can take that stance then the temporal consequence to us mean nothing. The battle after all is Yahweh’s. It is already won and we will be collected to Him from the four corners, the depths, the living and the past, in victory and alive forever.

Father, we bow before You in honor of You and with love for You. Form in us hearts and minds like Yours that will serve as a foundation for all our rule making and treatment of one another. May it be our true joy to live in such a way and be such a people. May You be glorified in our eyes and in the eyes of those who don’t know You. May they be captivated and captured to You. Strengthen our determination and our eagerness to contend for You, to stand strong in active opposition to any idea or person or spirit that opposes You. Grant us power so that we actually do have an affect and make a difference. May Your Word, may Your Truth be engraved on our hearts and in our minds and may Your Spirit give us understanding and guide us so we don’t misstep. Please Father, keep us from misrepresenting You. Be with us Father; Oh that we might be faithful to You. Oh that we might be courageous for You. Thank You Father. Thank You for Yeshua.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


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