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There Is A Scripture - Pray What?

Father, sometimes it seems as if there is nothing for it but to be still and wait. Way in the background there is a silent movie of faces, incidents and circumstances passing before our mind’s eye that are the source of questions, concerns and need but they are a distant presence as we silently wait for direction. What would You have us pray? In regards to them and ourselves Father, what do You want to hear from us?

We will continue to offer up heartfelt prayers for healing, deliverance, guidance and protection Father, without ceasing… over and over again. We will continue to humble ourselves before You, acknowledge Your great power and goodness and surrender to Your will. We will continue to praise You and give You the glory.

And may it be immutably present in a corner of our minds, as a balance to questions and doubts and discouragements, the remembrance that disregard for Your instructions started the troubles… and our tendencies to continue doing so only  prolong and worsen this state we are in. We chose and we continue to choose. You allow that.

So in our continual prayers Father, as we pray for others concerning the troubles that plague them, make us aware, and we repentant, of any personal sin in our own lives that would contribute to the spiritual power of evil in this world and make a bad situation worse… weaken… or worse… cause our prayers not to be heard.

And so we wait and trust for the heart and words You wish from us.

Blessed are You Father…

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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