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There is a Scripture - Old Envelope

The other day my wife handed me an old envelope that had a card inside with a note. It was from her mother written forty-three years ago in 1975. There are a lot of things like this my wife saves. In the note her mother reminded us that she had wanted to give us a gift and had asked us what we would like. We had not gotten back to her so she made the decision. She gave us the next month’s rent and told us we were to use it for something we would both enjoy, just for ourselves.

As I was reading her words, and I could hear the sound of her voice just as she would have said them, my throat got tight. I couldn’t have said a word if I tried. In my mind’s eye I saw a rushing of something, I couldn’t say what, engulf the note for only an instant and it was gone. The sense of it was that whatever this rushing wave was that like a wind blew across the note, it was capable of destroying it. In the instant that it appeared and was gone the hand written letter was still there.

There has been discussion lately about judgment and what that would look like. A brother of mine, in the faith, believes we will stand before our Creator and all our acts and deeds, indeed, if I understand him correctly, even our very person will be tested, by fire. All that is unacceptable will be literally burned away and what will remain will be the pure that is. Yahweh could do things that way.

One could also see that though “…each one’s work will be shown for what it is…because it will be revealed by fire…” (1Corinthians3:13,15 CJB).  God is a consuming fire, in the same way fire burns away stubble and impurity, His “all-knowingness” is like a fire that brings “…to light what is now hidden in darkness; He will expose the motives of  People’s hearts; and then each will receive from God whatever praise he deserves.” (1 Corinthians 4:5 CJB).

To me either way of seeing it, our deeds still are subjected to that rushing something from Jehovah God, that instantaneously removes impurity and is a means by which He makes inerrant and perfect judgment and rewards.

I believe God gave me a glimpse of something good, something that would remain after the fire, in the gift my wife’s mother gave my wife and I, a glimpse into her heart, and also He gave me a clearer picture of judgment. What is judged good in His eyes is not a matter of big or small and no good will be hidden or overlooked. All will be seen.

My mother-in-law was an uncomplicated, kindhearted woman who loved her family and served them unselfishly and a woman who loved God and served Him unselfishly. I believe she did good before Him out of love for Him and that her Father approves of her.

So in a few moments the sun will rise and it's rays will extend out across the heavens from east to west. The clouds will be colored and God’s creation will be bright and new. Somewhere in the house people will wake up and another day will be offered to each and every one of us, a gift. Will it be our goal to live it with the same love in which it is offered, with a heart to do good?

Father, remind us of the love others have shown us and may we be so grateful for them and for it.

Guide us to rightly do good towards others as well…in Your Name…because we love You.

May it  be, in that Day, after Your perfect judgment which divides and separates bad from good, may it be, there will be clean and good and pure remaining before You, that You will be pleased.

We trust and rely on You Abba. Shepherd us please.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.



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