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There Is A Scripture - My Beloved Spouse

I saw you and wanted to know you better. I got to know you and wanted more of you. There is a need. I could survive without you. But if I could have you why would I deny myself? It’s eat, sleep and work and that’s ok. But the look of you is beautiful. The sound of your voice, its tones, the expressions of emotion in how you speak, it’s what I want to hear. The looks you make as you talk. The sudden turn of your head, your face looking into mine and I see there you think I am something special. I look back and hope you see that I feel the same toward you. We will talk about everything. We will dream and plan. I will know how you think and you will know my mind as well. I will study you to know and then do what would please you. When you are pleased…what a pleasure it will be for me. I promise…I promise to have eyes only for you, to trust you, to value and protect us. Please do the same. Let us engage with this life ahead as one. May it be our reality and our joy, written on our hearts: “I am my beloved’s, And my beloved is mine.”  Thank You Father for the blessing of a mate, the blessing of their pledge to love and cherish one another. Those You have joined together Father, may they be strong and victorious against all divisiveness. May they be comfort and solace, encouragement and strengthening, partners in sorrows and joy, failures and victories, for each other. May they be strong in union with You and strong in doing Your good. May they be a living light that warms and shows the Way. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen. May God’s love be in us all. Elder. Song of Solomon 6:3 AKJV.

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