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There Is A Scripture - Grant Us Joy

Father, in the light of this new day we pray that as we go, we have peace of mind and a clear conscious. We pray that You will guide us so that in the absence of perfect knowledge about what is going on around us, in the absence of assurance we have all the “facts” and knowing… the fallibility of our own wisdom to act rightly on them… You will protect us from falling short. We pray for the discernment and the discipline to decide and act correctly before You and one another, based on the instructions You have provided in Your Word… calling on and listening to Your Spirit as we read it, pray through it and apply it… independent of our emotions, our preferences, our desires and a culture around us that would accept or tolerate deviance. May Your unchanging truth and definition of right and wrong be the reference point, the gold standard against which we measure all the correctness and acceptability, to You, of our thoughts and actions. And as we order our lives, harmoniously with Your “laws and rules for life”, grant us peace of mind and a clear conscious and joy. We trust in You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


May God’s love be in us all.


Exodus 15:25 CJB “…There ADONAI made laws and rules of life for them and there He tested them.”

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