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There Is A Scripture - Beauty In Your Eyes

So a friend sends a link, “A really fast Corvette”. And it is. 0 to 270 in about a half second flat…or something close to that. Well my grandson gets all excited over things like this and uncharacteristically of me I immediately think of him and want to show him (As a sidebar, that thought to share with him because I knew it would please, felt really good.). So we watch it together and he does, he gets all excited and then it’s all car talk. He goes home and I go into the bathroom for some reason and catch a view of my face in the mirror and I see this guy that looks kind of happy?, a little smooth faced, as if some of the wrinkles have disappeared. Hey! Cosmetic for getting rid of those unwanted wrinkles that make you look old? Man! I could get rich. Sell it to the young smooth skinned ones after a persuasive advertising campaign focused on preventive measures to slow the onslaught of those dreaded wrinkles by using my formula even before they have any. And the old people? Well it won’t get rid of what they have but it will change their demeanor. A once stressed or harried or tired, old face lightens and appears alert and energetic, carefree? Smiling? Pretty/Handsome? Young? Who wouldn’t want that? Buy now, while supplies last, for the low, low price of… and I’ll send you two! Make that three! Or give it snob appeal. Designer container, softly colored, smooth cream with a high price tag. Maybe there’s a way to do both. Yeh. If I tell them the secret I won’t be able to cash in. And they wouldn’t believe it anyway, “Nothing “good” is simple or free.” they would think. (Another side bar. Good can be free and not costly. Bad can be free and very costly.) Yeh, if I tell folks that they can have a smooth, less wrinkled, younger look that transforms their image in the eyes of others, simply by being thoughtful, saying or doing something for others they don’t have to, they’ll think, “How sweet. What a nice thought. Nice try.” They’ll think it quaint but naïve that someone would be impressed that they would occupy a place in their mind at all let alone for the purpose of blessing them. How can it be then that we have that very example in our Creator and Master and Friend? He is vast and all powerful. And His glory fills the universe. And yet our tiny, seemingly insignificant, little selves occupy a place in His mind for blessing. It pleases Him. And we see Him as beautiful for it. So if we aspire and work to be like Him, do what he does for each other as He does for us do we not attain a certain beauty of our own? Would we not see a more pleasant image, evidence of happiness in the mirror we glance into from time to time? Would others not see us differently as well. Whether they did or not, I believe He would. I believe they do too. The beauty I want though, is the beauty I would have in His eyes. His ways are our ways. And when they are and when we live them, others will see something pleasant in our old and wrinkled faces, smooth and young faces, simple and uncomplicated and inexpensive as that may seem. Father, humbly we acknowledge that we are too full of ourselves, that we study ourselves and give only superficial consideration to others. We think of beauty and desire it in its physical sense as defined by the world. We assign it a status of goodness and desirability when it has nothing to do with goodness. Correct us Father. The beauty we have through all the seasons of this physical life and which can be seen as physically beautiful, comes from a heart like Yours expressed towards others as You move us to. Apply the lotion of Your Word, the oil of Your Spirit to our hearts and actions that we might be and remain, strong and vital and pleasant before You and that Your pleasantness in us will be attractive to all who look on, and draw them to You. Blessed are You Father and blessed are we that You love and consider us. You are beautiful Oh God! In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen. May God’s love be in us all. Elder.

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