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The Joy of Yom Teruah


“Let not your heart be troubled…” John 14:1 AKJV.

We spent a special day with You Father, one of happy fellowship, food, drink, Your Word and a calling out to You with a voice and shofar.

We called to memory how You created all we know, how You created us from earth, breathed into us the spirit of life and housed in us, being, meant to live forever in fellowship with You, how You made us to love and be loved by, for Your glory and Your good pleasure.

We recall the history of humankind and how it has fallen short of Your vision and expectations and we recall our personal histories and how we each of us has fallen short with You and with one another.

Father, our remembrances are a mixture of marveling (all the good You have done, and do) and apprehension (because we have been a disappointment, even maybe, endangered everlasting fellowship with You).

Then we remember Your mercifulness and willingness to forgive, how You provided the living and the written Word so that we can come to, return to, closeness with You and remain there.

You comfort us Father, bid us not to be troubled but instead to “Make a joyful noise unto”: You.

Father…in this season of introspection of remembrance, of atonement may we be humble before You and before one another, forgiving and forgiven, drawn closer to You and to one another and joyful as we look forward to tabernacling with You and one another forever.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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