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Thank you for Family, right?


We thank You Father for family.

We thank You for the freedom we have within family to be relaxed, of not having to be on guard with what we say or how we act or worry about whether or not we are accepted, whether we belong, whether we are cared for.

We thank You that within family we are aware of and accept the differences of character and humor, of how we differ in the way we see things, are affected by circumstances, of the differences in what is important or not, treasured or not, and to be able to do so not out of some strained effort when we are around each other but with an ease and comfort that loving and being loved makes possible.

Plant in us Father, and nurture in us and grow stronger in us a desire to have that freely given and received love that You want us to exercise towards each other.

As we rub elbows with one another daily may we experience differences of opinion and thought. May we laugh at, laugh with, laugh together…and cry… one with another, get angry with one another, forgive one another. May we have trust confidences will be kept and be trust worthy in keeping a confidence, defend and protect, Father, and know we are defended and protected, May our prayers and thoughts and actions have in them a spirit of seeking well being for the other and may that same spirit be in the heart and minds of others towards us as well. May we be open and honest with our family members and may we treat them in a way that gives them comfort and ease to be able to be open and honest with us.

May our ways, that are really Your Ways, within our own families be an example of good that other families not so blessed can see and take heart and hope in and pattern after.

Thank You Father for the blessing of family.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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