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Slipped Time, Again?

2nd Day Prayer

Father, how many times we start the week setting goals to be more diligent in prayer, to spend more time reading and thinking about Your Word and determining to do so with a mind open and waiting for that moment of learning something we didn’t know or see before. And then we get into the activity of each day and reach the end of the week and somehow the time slipped by without our having met those goals. Sometimes it seems as if the greater our vision for the week and the more adamant we are about achieving these increased goals, the less we get accomplished. Is it because we are unrealistic about our planning? Or are we determining out of our own will how much we will do and how far we will progress, stating how it’s all going to go down instead of bowing before You first and declaring to You our desire and acknowledging that You hold our lives in Your hand and if You so will we will live to “do this, or that.” We pray Father, that our purposes and motives meet with Your approval. We pray for a willing spirit of acceptance for whatever timing You choose for our progress and achievement. Be close Father… please do. We follow after You according to Your will. Bless our ambition to know You and do good towards one another and to be pleasing to You. May Your growing us in Your goodness result in greater presence of Your good in our families and in our communities… in this physical world and the spiritual world… the fullness of which is all Yours. In Your timing and according to Your will may we glorify You. In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen. James 4:13-15 AKJV

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