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Organize Your Time

Minchah Prayer

“Your eyes could see me as an embryo, but in Your book all my days were already written; My days had been shaped before any of them existed.”

You’ve given us an unknown number of days to live Father, allotted to each of us a determined amount of the treasure of time which we are to be good stewards of and for which You will require an accounting when You come.

May it be that each and every new day we organize the time You have placed in our hands so that we spend a portion of it privately with You, in Your Word and in prayer, that this time spent with You will strengthen our closeness to, and love for, You, and set the motive and mood for all the goals and activities we have before us.

May these be goals and activities we have set… after expressing them to You and committing them to You for Your approval and blessing.

May our first purpose be, as we pursue the day, to be successful in representing You well and bringing You glory in whatever task we are engaged, however it plays out before us.

May those we touch today experience reception of a spirit of Your peacefulness and goodness and that it counters the distractions of this world that stir up agitation and impatience, irritation and anger, that can stir up uncertainty and even a sense of helplessness, and may it be such a blessing that they happily and generously pass it on.

May what we do with the time You have given us be determined as a result of having sought Your will and may it be lived out and characterized with a will to please You Father… because we love You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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