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Minchah Prayer - Your Field

Father, each day we look out over the field that has been planted and watch…and note its growth, counting the days from first fruits of the spring to harvest of first fruits of summer and even beyond to the final ingathering in the autumn, counting in anticipation of a bumper crop.

Each morning the sun comes up. The rains come and go. Each day is an opportunity to be excited about the growth that is taking place, about the abundance of good that is slowly growing up out of the ground, stretching upwards and developing the fruit that will nourish and strengthen us and beyond that provide the seed to repeat the process. You provide for the present and You provide for the future. Your provision never ends.

Father, as we look out over this field and walk in it, may our hearts be warmed with affection and love for it. May we have an urge to touch and feel, to tend to it and do so without trampling on tender new shoots, without uprooting the good with the bad.

May we not just have affection for it but also be protective of it against the elements Father, against those, or that which, would come to steal away the abundance or destroy it.

Father, it is impossible for us to tend to and protect and love this vast field that stretches out to beyond the horizon… by our own power. We have neither the heart that truly loves nor the might to protect unless You provide.

Father, we ask for the heart of Yeshua, for Your heart Father, in us, for each other, for all Your living souls, that we would actually care.

We pray for that caring and in the spirit of caring, we would not trample on each other, not uproot or destroy in the name of weeding and pruning, that we would not neglect altogether the wellbeing of the field and withdraw to ourselves.

Father, we seek the knowledge and the skill for doing this task, in Your Word. And we pray to You and listen for You to speak giving us clarity and guidance.

We trust and we know You listen and will answer.

Teach us, enable us, to be good and faithful stewards of Your possessions, of those You have created, reaching out, tending, protecting, those in the field who are fruitful and those who could be.

May whatever we do be a part of Your reaping and having an abundant harvest from the field You have planted.

“You are glorious Oh God, glorious in all of Your Ways” “…The whole earth is filled with Your glory…” “…You are worthy…” “…And You will be glorified…”

In that spirit Father, may we be obedient and may we labor.

May it truly be joy for us.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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