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Minchah Prayer - Valuable Gift

Each day the sun comes up Father. A new day is born.

And in concert with the birthing of creation’s new day, is the birthing of new life emerging with the pain and tearful smile of labor, from the womb of woman.

All in obedience and harmony with Your command to be fruitful and multiply.

Creating us in Your likeness You enable us to create life as well.

Father…that we would understand and value this gift, willingly and gladly take on the responsibility that comes with it.

May the seed be planted in love. May the life that is conceived grow that love… for one another… and for the new one.

May the child be wrapped tightly in warmth of blanket and arms, held tightly and tenderly to the breast.

May the new one be fed and cleaned and clothed and sheltered.

May our children be reared with discipline and instruction, love and affection, accountability, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

May we accept gratefully, the knowledge we gain from them and understand that there will be times when we need their grace, mercy and forgiveness.

May they never feel rejected or abandoned.

May we not be stingy in providing any of these.

Father…give us the strength to say “no”, to deny, to be demanding.

May we be just as strong to acquiesce, praise and reward.

May we do so for the betterment of our children, and may we do so out of love for them.

When they arrived, they came nakedly crying out, arms outstretched and reaching.

May they and we continue in that same behavior, crying out, arms outstretched and reaching, but to You Father…for You.

Each and every morning Father…a new day is birthed, a new life is born.

We thank You Father…for life.

You are so good. We are so blessed.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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