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Minchah Prayer - The Home

Father, the storms of rain and wind and cold freezing snow come and if we have something as simple as four walls and a roof we are blessed. If we have food in the cabinets we are blessed. If it can be cooled or warmed, if it is dry, this shelter, we are blessed. Thank You Father for these blessings.

If it is not just a shelter but is also a home, Father, we are indeed blessed.

The home is a womb within which we are protected and safe. It is the place within which we are nurtured and we nurture. It is the place within which we have comfort and give comfort, the place whose walls stand strong in defense of those within from outsiders and invaders who would come, intrude into it, impose their will and destroy.

The home, our womb, is the place where life is to be sustained, a place of cleanliness of cleaning, of growing and strengthening body and spirit, of preparing ourselves and preparing those we love with us there, so that we can emerge each day into the world and live successfully according to Your perspective Father, do good that blesses others Father, that pleases You.

We want to learn the things You have to teach. Teach us Father and enable us to truly appreciate life You have made, at the most basic and simple and foundational level.

May we keep our homes swept clean and in order Father. May we invite and bring into it and be hospitable to Your Spirit. Within our homes may we learn from Your Word filling them, our homes, with what is good for us. Then may we open the door, go out, and apply that Word and good to all. May we do and do so in the Spirit to the world, because it is the world that needs to change. May the new and renewed life that emerges from the womb of our homes be useful to You in bringing about that change.

Thank You Father for our homes. We know we are blessed…beyond our ability to appreciate. May we be dedicated to protecting and preserving the life within them.

We love You Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.


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