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Minchah Prayer - Shed blood

Father we thank You for this new day. We wake to it looking ahead to a special time. Regarding that time Father, we ask that You would help us prepare our hearts to be thankful and praising and sensitive to the meaningfulness of this season of memorial and looking ahead.

Life is in the blood. And that perfect, pure blood was shed and those that are under it, who so ever will, have life; life spoken into existence through the Word at creation; life saved from death by the blood of the Word; and life eternal with the living Word and You.

Thank You Father.

And that perfect, pure blood over our house swept clean and put in order, into which Good is brought… that life filled blood… protects and preserves forever.

Thank You Father.

You raised Him up!

He is alive!

He covers us from above and inhabits us within.

Oh great God in Heaven, how glorious is thy Name throughout the earth!

Enable us we beg You, to appreciate and have a sense of gratitude that is equal to the act of faithfulness and love our Savior carried out… in obedience to You and love for us.

And thank You Father…thank You so much.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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