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Minchah Prayer - Reflection with You

We go to our beds Father, tired. "Oh thank you" these bodies say to us as we lay down.

Thank You Father, for the way some things turned out today. Some things that did not go so well will have to be addressed tomorrow or, just accepted as they are, I guess. Give us wisdom to know which please.

We behaved rightly here, and it feels good knowing You approve. But we fell short there, and carry that disappointment and dissatisfaction with us into our sleep as well.

Thank You Yahweh, for showing us where we erred. We need to turn away from that and we want to.

Forgive Father and may we be changed so we are no longer the person who would err that way again.

We close our eyes and the fatigue, the mixed bag of thanksgiving, the review of the day with its successes and failures and the hope of tomorrow, all drift away and we rest.

Thank You Father for the blessing of rest.

Thank You for the renewed strength of body, and clarity of thought, and uplifting of spirit You give us through it.

May we walk each day near with You. And at the end as we say good night to our loved ones and You, may our sleep be sweet, our rest be complete.

Thank You Father, Abba, for the wisdom and gift of rest.

In Yeshua's name we pray,


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