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Minchah Prayer - Pursuing You Properly

You are awesome Yahweh! We know in our minds You match the definition of that word and say a truth.

But Father our struggle is in experiencing the truth of that word, to actually be overcome, undone, before You in our quiet moments of prayer, whenever we see the evidence of You in creation, in witnessing loving kindness, one person towards another.

You are awesome!

Your glory does fill the universe.

And yet You do… consider us.

Father…knead our hearts and spirits into a tenderness and softness that enables us to truly be in awe of You… at even the tiniest suggestion of Your presence or movement… even in the repetitive and familiar of what You have already taught us.

May we not be children too quick to seek the new, the greater and more amazing You have to show us, in a continual state of harvesting and storing knowledge when what You have given already has not yet been processed and digested and yes…..applied.

May the knowledge You bring to our minds be accompanied with commensurate wonder and amazement for You in our hearts. Enable us to learn that way.

And as the high of that wonder gives way to the work of applying new knowledge to our lives may we stick with it, ponder it and work to extract everything it has to give and accomplish in our lives and the lives of others.

Enable us to remember and continue doing what You have already given us, to the end that it becomes fixed in us, our nature and way.

May working what we know already, bring us to awe and wonder of You just as the discovery of something new does when You reveal it to us.

May we never be so enthralled with the pursuit of new knowledge that we neglect the repetition and review and work of applying, the knowledge we have already been given, or become slack in going over it again, carefully, when sitting at home, traveling on the road, when we lie down and when we get up, engraving it on the doorposts of our homes, our minds and our hearts.

You are awesome Father!

You are glorious!

May You forever be glorified!

May we know the wonder of being struck down in awe.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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