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Minchah Prayer - Not Just Another Day

Father…thank You that each day You give us is not…just another day. Thank You Father that though it is another day it lies before us fresh and new.

Blessed are You Oh Lord, Yahweh, Father, Mighty One, Wonderful One, the Flower and Fragrance, the Substance and Sustenance of life Father, of our lives. Thank You.

The circumstances and tasks are there but so are You. We hear You say “Get up! Let’s get going.” Yes Lord! Let’s go. We trust and we throw in our lot with You.

Circumstances and tasks and outcomes, let them come as they may Father, just as long as we can face them with You.

Guide us Father, so that we will reflect Your image and reflect it well. May our thoughts and words and actions, this day, in all our circumstances, bring glory to You. May that be our standard for living and for what constitutes success.

We love You… Yeshua.

We love You… Abba Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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