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Minchah Prayer - Get Away Evil One

You who steals, kills, and destroys, get away from us! GET OUT! You taint the blessing and exploit the troubles that test, to separate us from Yahweh. You lean close to our ear and whisper truths and half truths and lies, about ourselves and about our Father, leading us to condemn ourselves to “miserableness”, to a life without peace or joy. It’s in our most vulnerable moments that You press to persuade. Not an act of cowardice but one of pure evil. But it’s not going to work. We hear the voice of the Shepherd and we know His voice. Our loosening grip tightens once again and our strength returns. Our hope and energy and optimism return and in the midst of the discords of this life we can have peace and assurance and hope that enables us to smile and be kind. For beyond the trouble that is temporary we see the Good that is eternal. Be gone Evil One. Your time is wasted here, in the Name and power of Yeshua we command. May You be honored and loved Father and Your voice the one we hear and listen to, as in Yeshua’s name we pray, Amen.


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