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Minchah Prayer - Friends

Father, You made everything for its purpose and gave it a season.

Thank You Father in particular for those You have given us to be our close friends, for a set time and purpose.

Or maybe its forever. What do I know?

All we know is that they are there. They like us, they love us. They are attuned to our lives and respond to whatever is going on in them. They make conversation with us, laugh with us, cry with us, criticize us and compliment us. They are concerned for our welfare and well being. They laugh at us when we take ourselves too seriously and declare to us our worth and meaning when we think we have none. They stand by us against opposition. Those who oppose us oppose them, yet in privacy they will correct us if we were in err. They are those who can be trusted, with whom we can be unguarded, who know us and we them, with intimacy.

Few are those close ones in a life time and fortunate indeed we are Father, that You have given them to us. Thank You so much.

For at the end of the season, if they go first, that spirit which animated the vehicle in which it resided, that soul, that unique character and being You created, will leave its temporary home and us. Memories will have to suffice in the absence of presence, thoughts in the place of activity.

But thank You Father. Thank You.

Life diminished by their going is fuller because they were here. What has been taken is balanced by what was given. We, blessed to remain, can be increase for others to whom You give us. May we give as well as we were given to.

Thank You Father. Thank You. Thank You so much.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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