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Minchah Prayer - Droplets of Living Water

The clouds are dark and heavy laden and still, Father. Vapor thickens to liquid. You craft tiny little droplets of water, myriad billions, and they fall to the earth. Droplets look alike but each is its own entity with its own shape, a tiny collection of substance, codes, and information. Your light passes through each one and visible through them, it splits into the various different colors that form it. The sweat of clouds drop to earth and hang suspended on the tips of petals and blades, penetrates to root and rivers beneath the soil, cleanses and nourish; some warm and soft; some cold and chilling; some sustain life; some wash it away. Father thank You for people, the myriad billions of them, Your handiwork meant to bless and be a blessing. Each one a living soul, substance, and spirit brought into being through an act of oneness. So many, seeming the same, yet made individually with the ability to absorb Your Light and in us, it be split into various colors of gifting that can be showered on those around us. Each one with the substance, codes, and information to touch and penetrate, nourish, and nurture. Each one of us made to be able to warm and comfort. May we be these things as You drop us into this life. May we be droplets of living water, sprinkled from Your hand, and in unity with You and one another touch the earth You have animated, "...soaking its furrows and settling its soil, You soften it with showers and bless its growth..." We see You in the clouds and raindrops. We see You in everything. And You are so beautiful.

In Yeshua's name we pray,


Psalm 60:11(10)

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