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Minchah Prayer - Be more like You

Father, the same sun that rises and sheds it’s light on a new day full of the beauty of Your creation, of anticipation and blessing, for some, rises and sheds its light on a day for which there is trouble and joy draining circumstances for others.

May the peace and joy we have in walking with You, from Your voice to us through Your Word, and the thoughts Your Spirit in us bring to mind, not be snuffed out by the troubles we see and experience in our lives and the lives of others.

May that peace and joy instead remain and be steady in us.

May Your voice in Word and Spirit be protection, a tool and a weapon for discernment and right dealing with our fellow man, in the circumstances and affairs we see and find ourselves, whether our own doing or the doings of others.

May our demeanor, the words we choose, the voice we use and the things we do reflect Your character and be the means by which we bring the light of compassion, encouragement, assistance and strengthening to the lives of others especially those who don’t know You… as yet.

May we focus on Your Good and be doers of it so that the new day Your sun shines out on for a troubling world will be one of hope and blessing, so that all will be drawn to You.

We listen to hear Your voice, desiring to do Your Good.

May You be glorified.

In Yeshua’s name we pray,


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