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Minchah Prayer

Father, the storm clouds are moving in and now just a short time since so many suffered destruction of property, harm to body, complete rearrangement of their lives… and have yet to recover… another is making its way once again to batter and bring harm to them and others in its path.

We need You Father in these harmful circumstances over which we have no control, and must prepare for and endure the damage of, the best we can… in the midst of which and so doing, there is no assurance that no loss or harm will come.

We do so need You and depend on You who are faithful.

Difficulty and pain will definitely be the experience of many but we pray that within the hearts of many there with them, will be Your goodness and they will act in the goodness of Your ways… so that all together none will faint or have a spirit of defeat. Tomorrow will be another day. Make us all better for it.

Guide us Father, who have been spared… the rhythm our lives not interrupted… in how You would have us be an aid… be a comfort.

By our actions may we all demonstrate our faith and our love for You and Your created beings.

May this truly be…who we truly are…

to Your honor and glory.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


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