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Minchah Prayer

“…Wherefore, as the Holy Spirit saith, ‘Today if ye will hear His voice…’” Hebrews 3:7 AKJV

Father, it seems like there is almost a sense of immediacy in the writer’s use of the word “Today”

“Today” if we hear Your voice… then “Today” do or don’t do.

Don’t put off. Who knows if there will be a tomorrow?

What blessing have we missed…what blessing have we missed being… because we heard but didn’t act, didn’t trust?

Father, help us listen for Your voice in each “Today” you give us and when we hear… that we would obey… trusting in You for words, and actions suited to the moment… that Your purpose might be accomplished and we be a part of it and You be glorified.

In doing so then…may we be spared, when looking back, the disappointment of having missed being used for Your good… be spared the guilt of knowing we have disappointed You.

It’s not too hard …not really…may we realize that with the same clarity before… as we do after.

May our vigilance to listen and hear…our promptness in obeying… be a demonstration of the love we have for You.

May You be… pleased.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…


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