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Minchah Prayer

There was a day Father, a “Today”, when Your voice was heard and we hardened not our hearts.

On that day faith was given and received.

We slipped below the waters and in the silence and darkness the deceased, old self was buried…left behind… and emerging up out of the waters, new life, a new creature, birthed into The Kingdom.

How like creation Father, when at the sound of Your voice earth emerged from beneath the waters, pristine, clean, pure, and again and again Your voice brought forth wonders and life into the world You had created.

Oh to have been able to stand at a distance and watch. Would we not have been awed each time You spoke, clapped our hands and rejoiced, as from nothing into something, You caused there to be... new…and good.

Such is the power of Your Word Father, to create us anew, bring order to the chaos of our lives apart from You, lift the burden we carry under the yoke of the world.

Such is Its power to make us clean, bring a smile Father, bless us with peace and joy in the midst of this world.

Each time we see a new child part the waters to new life, the smile and happiness they emerge with…

Well… we cheer and clap and rejoice joining the heavenly host that does likewise each time, one at a time, a lost soul is found, and You bring them into the fold.

New life Father, with You… under a yoke that is easy Father… and a burden that is light;

Life in Your rest.

Thank You Abba Dear Father.

In Yeshua’s name we pray…



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