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Minchah Prayer

Good morning Father.

Another day we wake to… it dawns… as wakefulness increases, how fortunate, how glad we are You give these days to us one at a time. Right now is what counts and You have given us the moment to do with the best we can.

What happened yesterday and whether or not we get a tomorrow is not the focus. One experience is past and we cannot experience tomorrow until, and if, You grant it.

Thank You Father for now and the uncertainty of tomorrow.


May we make… to be continuously in prayer… something… that is achieved by our being alert for… and to… the voice of Your Spirit within us… that that continuity of prayer be… ongoing thoughts and conversation we have with You… in response to all the goings on around us and what we are involved with throughout the day… ongoing thoughts and conversation from which we seek and receive guidance for living and behaving rightly.

May we walk with… and in… Your unseen presence… doing naturally what is right in Your eyes… because it is there, written on our hearts… and it is who we are and are becoming… more and more each day.

Let the world do its worst.

Let us do, in Your great wisdom and power, our best…and this day will be good.


Thank You Father… for the day, for life, for the Good that does exist and serves as a soothing suave that comforts and gives strength in trial, that restores and gladdens our hope in Good to come… that reassures us You are ever near to us.

We love You Father.

Teach us love…Make us to be… lovers of one another we pray.

We thank You Abba Dear Father.


In Yeshua’s name…




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