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Minchah Prayer

“…Whom do I have in heaven but you?

And with You, I lack nothing on earth.

My mind and body may fail; but God

is the rock for my mind and my portion forever…”   Psalm 73:25-26 CJB


Regardless of the circumstances Father, of their end, these weak bodies serve their purpose. They house and carry through life that spirit that is us… that You gave them. With years and circumstances, our bodies grow weaker, begin to fail. But at the time, already determined, they will have brought us to the doorstep of heaven… be vacated and left behind as the spirit You gave passes through that door and returns to You.


For those who knew that in heaven You were the only One they had and lived their lives satisfied with You and Your will as their portion, You gave also Your Holy Spirit to accompany and guide them. It was a beginning and a progression of getting to know You more fully… so that they, we, might grow in oneness with You, then and there, here and now… to a time later… when we will dwell in Your full presence… perfectly knowing and experiencing complete oneness with You.


You, Father, are that House within which are many dwelling places and are prepared for us to dwell in… that House in which we desire to live forever and ever.


You have allotted for each one of us one time to sleep but our prayer has been and our lives lived Father so that we might…


“…see Your face…

On waking may ‘we’ be satisfied with a vision of You…”


Thank You, Yeshua, for making a Way.


Thank You, Holy Spirit, for accompanying us along the Way.


Thank You, Father, for the vision and promise and most of all Your desire to have us in oneness with You.


In Yeshua’s name, we pray.




Psalm 17:15 CJB


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