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Minchah Prayer

Father, we come before you to praise you,

To praise you as the mighty God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

To praise you as the great creator of heaven and earth,

To praise you for your perfect holiness and righteousness.

Father, we thank you for your appointed times in which we draw closer to you.

We have answered the call of the shofar at Yom Teruah and searched ourselves and your Torah for any blemish you may see.

We have repented and prayed before you at Yom Kippur to receive your atonement and we have celebrated with vigor “The Hag” the feast of Tabernacles where we will rest with you forever in the perfect kingdom.

We march forward in new life, girding our loins with truth, putting on the breastplate of righteousness, and wielding the shield of faith every day through our savior Yeshua and the Holy Spirit.

We meditate over your Torah, to understand your righteous ways and glorify you in your Son.

You are our shepherd, and we shall fear nothing of this world with you at our side.

Father, give us this day our daily bread, so we can live our life for you.

In Yeshua’s name,



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