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Minchah Prayer

Updated: Mar 12

Father, the days pass by so quickly and in comparison with the time that goes by, it seems sometimes, that we have little to show for it.

Oh, there is time ’one thinks’ as if his end won’t come until he has accomplished or finished all his plans, made corrections, settled accounts, and gotten to those things that he had put off until an opportune time.

And then we realize that we don’t have all the time in the world and, you know what, things we had planned and were working toward might not get done at all…

that looking at the clock, then looking at what needs finishing…

well the last breath will be taken, the eyes will cease to see, and the ears cease to hear. At that point, it’s all final. There will be no finishing that project, setting things straight, forgiving, seeking forgiveness, no using time for serious and meaningful purpose, no time or opportunity to intentionally work, anymore, at purifying our hearts to good Father, towards You and one another, something that would accumulate for us rightness and favor for ourselves in Your eyes and in the eyes of man. And looking back, taking that last breath, closing our eyes, the only regret over the undone things left behind would be that they were not the things put off, the “should haves”, but that the undone, loose ends hanging, were things being done in correct priority, rightly and at their core to glorify You.

Father, that we would have that realization that in a sense, even from birth, time wasted is time irretrievably lost, whose only reward is regret.

We begin Father in prayer to You. We enter into that time of communion with You without restriction to time, continuing in the Spirit in a space unbounded by seconds and minutes. Father stop the time, may we be with You there for as long as it takes, and at the finish, when time begins again, be it a second or an hour past, all that needed to happen there with You, happened.

Thank You Father for bringing us into You presence, for loving us.

May we not treat this time, our allotted time, lightly.

Courage Father, and will Father, to walk rightly before You.

In Yeshua’s name we pray.



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