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Minchah Prayer 5-26-22

Father…something has happened that never should have…

It’s just not right Father… just isn’t…

The potential of a lifetime in the persons of young children… ended.

Alive one second… lifeless the next… by evil intent.

“Come on now. You can get up. It’s over, let’s go on home.”

No Father…

There’s no getting up and going home.

No more bright eyes or giggles, no more lower lip pushed out in a pout with arms crossed in front in a self hug, no more “Mommy can I…Daddy when will we… no more voice with all its familiar intonations, predictable behaviors or character unique to the young one with that name.

Loss and suffering and grief are natural in this life Father. We understand that and accept it when it takes place as the natural order of things.

But when young children, defenseless and unaware are targeted and cut down… well Father there must be a special kind of pain and grief in that, that would seem to be inconsolable.

Father… that they would turn inwardly to each other and hold each other, the murmuring of the question “Why?”, blending with the sound of their weeping… and they be allowed time to do this without intrusion.

May there be deeply heartfelt prayers offered on their behalf, blanketing them tightly around as they huddle together.

May those prayers unheard by them, from those unseen, have an effect, by Your power Father, to give them inner strength in their hour of helplessness, move them to draw near to You as they can, keep the faith and even in the midst of their tears find words of praise.

The children are gone but they are children… and they will not be forbidden You.

Father… love on these folks please…we pray…

In Yeshua’s name…



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